Rob Begg

Consulting Associate


Rob is a consulting partner with Assay Advisory and divides his time working with clients in both London and Central Scotland.

Rob has had an entrepreneurial career which has seen him start, grow and sell his own businesses in both the UK and in Asia in addition to being the Board Member of a number of other private businesses.

Through this experience Rob has first hand knowledge of design, manufacturing and retail sectors built up over a period of 20 years.

As an entrepreneur Rob is able to empathise with business owners in respect of the pains, frustrations, rewards and disappointments that can come with building a business and with the perpetual challenge of balancing growth in profits and revenues with growth in equity value.

After selling his last business in 2010, Rob trained and qualified to become a partner in Shirlaws, a global business coaching and consultancy business with whom Rob had previously been a client. In his time with Shirlaws, Rob’s clients have included successful businesses in the financial services, construction, design, software and recruitment sectors.

In 2015 Rob transitioned out of Shirlaws into Assay Advisory enabling him to focus exclusively on sharing his experience and supporting businesses to grow their valuations in the period leading up to a transaction.

Rob holds a BA in Business from Heriot-Watt University.