Per Regnarsson

Associate Partner

Per is an associate partner in the Transaction team based in London with responsibilities for transactions in the renewable energy, power and infrastructure sectors.


Per is an experienced investment banker with over 25 years of corporate finance, capital markets, debt advisory and client relationship management in the EMEA region across energy, transport and infrastructure markets.


Following 15 years with Danske Bank, Moody’s, JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch in research, advisory and management roles in London and New York, where he acted as advisor to notable European energy, transportation and engineering groups in Scandinavia, Germany, Italy and France, and raised public and private equity and debt capital well-over $10 billion, Per co-founded Clean World Capital in 2008 as an Anglo-Nordic corporate finance advisor focused on clean energy and technologies.


In the clean energy space, Per has incubated development and funding platforms for solar, wind and bio energy and has over the past nearly 10 years executed capital raising and M&A for companies, projects and fund managers, in Europe, North America, India and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Per holds a Higher Degree (HD) in Accounting and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and MSc Sloan Fellowship from London Business School.