Selling your business and achieving your life’s work creates both
highs and lows, whether you’re selling your business, passing it on to family or
your business partners. Our specialist transaction team sensitively helps you
through this journey and reduces the stress and risk.



Exiting your business is a massive moment for most people. It’s an emotional time – often the business has been much of your life. A number of entrepreneurs believe they can manage the exit process themselves. After all they have been selling their business’s products or services for decades. However, most business owners will only sell a business once.


At Assay, our partners are former operators who successfully bought and sold their own companies. We have been in your shoes. We start with understanding the legacy you want to achieve and then jointly develop your Equity Strategy Plan (ESP℠) – a roadmap that enables you to achieve your legacy. In this way, we help to ensure that you get the best possible transaction.


Assay team members have all been through the process of selling their business and have unique experience to help you achieve your goals. While we acknowledge that financial liquidity is important, we also understand that the legacy of your business is deeply personal and the transfer of ownership can be a difficult process.



How we can help


Owners often find themselves without a clear exit vision or plan as they approach the exit milestone of a business journey. The team at Assay can help by clarifying exit gaols and linking them to transaction reality. In this way we reduce risk and any fear of the unknown.


We work alongside our corporate financing and investment banking teams as your consulting partner to achieve a better outcome and deliver your legacy.


  • Assay Corporate Finance: Australia, Europe and UK
  • Assay Capital Strategies: Canada and USA


Our colleagues complement the Assay Advisory above- and below-the-line analysis with implementation through to fundraising and sale transactions.


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