Assay Advisory

Assay Advisory is a blended advisory and corporate finance / investment banking team.
We help clients who are primed and ready to grow – or primed and ready to achieve their legacy (exit).
Assay celebrates our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit and achievements.


Assay’s proven methodology increases the value and attractiveness of a business by focusing
particularly on M in the formula: V (valuation) = P (profit) x M (multiple).



We specialise in advising on:


  • a business’s readiness to grow and its ability to obtain the capital required
  • its preparedness for an exit

Experienced business professionals


Our people are business founders, operators and senior executives who have grown, funded, bought and sold business before joining Assay Advisory. We are able to put ourselves in your shoes – we have been there ourselves.

Knowledge, deep understanding and skill lie at the heart of Assay Advisory’s success.







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